Shell Hosting

Welcome to Hamiltonshells – All prices listed in Canadian Dollars.

Special offer: US Dollar at par!

Here are our current offerings:

Service Features
Standard ($2/month)
  1. SSH access with any shell of your choice:
    • Bash
    • Zsh
  2. One email account, with webmail access
  3. 512MB storage for your files and email
  4. 25 processes
  5. Programs that are provided*:
    • Mail (nail, pine, exim, mutt…)
    • Editors (vim, pico, nano, emacs, joe, ed…)
    • Web (links, lynx, wget, curl…)
    • IRC** / Chat (irssi, weechat-curses, pisg, finch, centerim…)
    • Programming (gcc, java, python, perl, ruby, clisp, ghc…)
    • File syncronization (cvs, svn, git, darcs, rsync, ssh, ftp…)
    • Terminal multiplexers (screen, tmux…)
Premium ($4/month) In addition to the features above:

  • 5GB storage for your files and mail
  • 100 processes
  • Usage of special apps like dcron
  • Apache ~userdir access, personal CGI-bin, MySQL database, and SVN repo

* If something isn’t there and it is stable in the portage tree, ask us and we’ll install it.
** While IRC is allowed, we do not offer shells for psyBNC or eggdrop. We also do not offer shells for bitcoin mining.
*** ping, tracepath, nmap, netcat, tcpdump and other networking tools will not be installed due to security / abuse risks attached to these programs.