Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

This document is to inform you of the rules and regulations of the Hamiltonshells network.
Since IANAL, this document is hopefully written in simplest of english without all the legalese. I’m just trying to cover my own butt.

  1. Zero-Tolerance – Play by the rules or you’re gone. No exceptions.
  2. No refunds – If you paid for a year and screwed up in the first week, it’s your loss. Sorry.
  3. We have rules too – Abide by these rules, in addition to the AUP governed by Cogeco, our ISP. It is located here.
  4. Peer-to-Peer – No P2P.
  5. IRC – While IRC is allowed, no bots or bouncers.
  6. No hosting illegal or obscene material, or anything of malicious intent. (Including, but not limited to, pornography of any kind, warez software, viruses/trojans/backdoors/mailicous scripts, illegal audio/video disc dumps)
  7. Foreign applications – gcc and other programming applications are available for your use, however, if the application is in the portage tree, ask and it will be installed. Do not compile hacking or other malicious networking utilities. As a note, we are behind a NAT firewall, so you won’t be able to run any applications(daemons) that require TCP/UDP port access.
  8. Denial of Service – No DOSes, distributed or otherwise.
  9. Hacking/Cracking – No breaking into systems, local or otherwise.
  10. Spam – No spamming. This includes forums, email, IRC and other methods.
  11. Account ownership – No subaccounts, no account donations or transfers.
  12. Audits – On rare occasions, or if a report is received, your home directory may be browsed. While your personal data is yours, we reserve the right to know what you are storing here.
  13. Extended periods of inactivity – If you’re going to be away for an extended period of time (longer than a month), please leave a file in your home directory named “away”, with the projected return date. If this is not done, any accounts left unused for longer than 2 months may be accounts deactivated (Please note that these 2 months before deactivation are billable time). If any account is left deactivated for than an additional 2 months, the account will be removed from the system. However, if there is paid time left on the account, the account will be recreated (Contact of an admin is required). Files will be restored depending on whether they are still retained in the backups.
  14. Unpaid accounts – Accounts that have gone unpaid will be deactivated, and will follow the same procedure as a “missing” user. (See #13.)